Season of Sniffs, for Chlo’ and Fig

Season of sniffs and fox-red loochfulness,
Close bosom-friend of the enquiring Chlo’
And Fig, who’ll leave your home a mess,
Conspiring and a-chewing as they go;

Inquisitively poke a probing snoot
Between church railings, seeking out a leaf,
For every petal, stamen, carpel, root
Veils evidence of other dogs’ relief;

From every tree-stump, every clump of grass,
A liquid thread of Ariadne flows,
An arcane message from all dogs that pass,
Decrypted by a fox-red probing nose;

Olfactory cartographers are Chlo’
And Fig, whose snoots create a map
From hidden sources only dogs can know
That chart ideal places for a crap;

Then Figgy, mistress of the pavement pile,
And Chlo’, her mentor more discreet,
Will happily explore with you a mile
Before they drop what they have had to eat.